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The Herald of Darkness is the second book of The Lost Child Saga which kicked off last year with The Fallen Star. The Herald of Darkness is growing into an epic story where a whole cast of new characters are introduced. I know there are already lots of people eager to get their hands on […]

    Every so often a book comes along that sucks you in so much that it becomes a part of your life. You start putting reading that book ahead of other, normal things- like sleeping. You start to see the characters in your everyday life and wonder what they would do in your place. […]

Well ladies and gents, it’s been almost a year since the release of The Fallen Star and I have been busy! I’m sure some of you just can’t wait to get your hands on the sequel; The Herald of Darkness. This next installment will take you into the heart of an army as it prepares […]

A little while ago scientists achieved a pretty amazing fete: they managed to encode pictures, PDFs, even a book into something so small you can’t see it-DNA. I think it helps to write and enjoy science fiction when you have at least a small grasp of scientific concepts. I took that a step further and […]

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