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A little while ago scientists achieved a pretty amazing fete: they managed to encode pictures, PDFs, even a book into something so small you can’t see it-DNA. I think it helps to write and enjoy science fiction when you have at least a small grasp of scientific concepts. I took that a step further and […]

Last night I passed the first language course in the ‘Universal Language’- Esperanto. Many of you have probably never heard of Esperanto, I certainly hadn’t, but now I can’t get enough. Esperanto is one of the only ‘designed’ languages. That is, some guy sat down and made up this language (it even has a flag, […]

    Over the weekend I had the pleasure of reading Rockin’ Across The Galaxy: A Gsefx and Henry Novella by David Allen Kimmel. This sci-fi novel had me hooked from page 1. We meet Gsefx in the first chapter and despite being alien his character is all-too familiar. I related to him instantly, as […]

Prossia- Book Review

February 17, 2013 | 2 Comments

    Yesterday I had a guest post from Raphyel M Jordan, author of Prossia. Today I wanted to let you know just what I thought of this new sci-fi novel. Firstly, let me say the story itself was fantastic and I connected with the main characters almost instantly. The concepts and setting were so […]

Raphyel M Jordan is author of the Sci-fi hit Prossia. Today we’re lucky enough to have Raphyel talking to us about youth finding their ‘it’, finding their calling and ‘growing up’: In “Prossia,” we follow the journey of a girl named Aly, who was simply trying to make it out of her equivalent to high […]

“Never judge a book by its cover” says the old adage. But any book lover will know that the cover can be the difference between buying the book or putting it back on the shelves. As a reader I was trying to decide what makes a great cover, what makes me reach out for the book […]

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