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The Story Formula from David Masters is an excellent little book of ideas. The concept is simple, a bunch (52) ideas to get you writing, but it’s something every writer needs. We’ve all heard of the dreaded writer’s block, and whilst you can fight your way through it with shear determination (see my cure for […]

    Shift is the second book in Hugh Howey’s phenomenal success story, following Wool. Just like the first book Shift is a fantastic read. There is so much drama, intrigue, thrill and teetering on the edge of collapse that I was on the edge of my seat. Shift is interesting in that the events […]

    I’m sure almost everyone has heard about the epic indie success story which is Hugh Howey and his book Wool. I must admit that at first I was a little skeptical… Wool… What does Wool mean? What is it about? … but after learning it’s a post-apocalyptic type novel I decided I had […]

    Forbidden Future is a time-travel anthology published by Masquerade Publishing. You can check out quick blurbs of the different stories below. I don’t want to focus on any one story in particular so this review is on the book as a whole. There were a couple of fantastic stories in this anthology, unfortunately […]

    The Nightlife: New York is a romance/erotica/vampire novel with a great storyline. I don’t usually enjoy romance novels but the vampire action of this one had me turning the pages. The editing and formatting were professional and the book was easy to read. The novel is basically the story of a young man […]

    Last week I reviewed another of C.J. Anderson’s book’s; Dawn of Djesus Undead. Anderson is kindly giving away three of his books at the moment, and I took full advantage of the offer. Klarity is a science fiction novella based around the development of a new drug which cures Alzheimer’s and autism as […]

    Dawn of Djesus Undead is the story of God gone mad. A rabid killer Jesus is on the lose sending natural disasters and plagues to Earth. Even the angels are not safe as the bounds of God’s fury know no bounds. Overall the concept of this book is fantastic; a God with human […]

    So you love Doctor Who. You’ve watched every episode (several times) and now you’re eagerly awaiting the 50th Anniversary special. But what do you do in the meantime? There’s a complete Doctor Who drought! Well, if you’re like me you turn to other platforms, in this case; books. Little did I know that […]

    I literally had goosebumps the entire way through this book. I read the first one in the series a few months ago and absolutely loved it (see a review of Murder Takes Time here), but I have to say, this was even better. Giammatteo has an incredible talent for weaving in mystery and […]

    Last week I had the pleasure of reading The Eden Project, a science fiction novel which I found quite enjoyable. The premise is that something has happened to Earth, sending the human race hurtling towards extinction. In an effort to prevent this a group of forward thinking scientists have set up ‘the dome’. […]

      So I’m currently drafting a murder mystery as the second installment of my up and coming sci-fi series (read a snippet of book 1 here) and thought I’d better do some reading in the genre. Where better to start than with Agatha Christie herself? So after trawling through blogs and reviews I […]

    What a fantastic take on a very old legend! At first I didn’t know what to expect from this book but after the first chapter I was completely sucked in as Greek gods and demi-gods started their power plays. I found the way in which old legends and characters are brought back to […]

    “All things are composed of patterns…” And within the pattern of the realm of Alorin, three strands must cross. What a story! I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by Melissa McPhail, it had everything you would want or expect from an epic fantasy novel. Be warned though, it’s long- massive in fact (which of […]

Today I am lucky to have David Allen Kimmel, author of Rockin’ Across the Galaxy, for an Indie Interview. Earlier this year I reviewed David’s book Rockin’ Across the Galaxy (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and now I’m excited to hear his thoughts on writing. He has some great advice for authors and a fantastic sense […]

    Fry by Lorna Dounaeva gave me goose-bumps. I’ll admit, I don’t often read thrillers but I am so glad I picked this one up. At first I had no idea what the story was about but then the book sucked me right in. The twists in the story had me glued to the […]

    Looking over my shoulder I can’t help but wonder if I’d notice if someone was watching me. Would I take note of the car parked across the street, or the man sitting in the diner? Probably not. These are the thoughts that have been going through my head since I finished reading Murder […]

    America has been crippled by the Second Great Depression, Obamaville in Central Park is full to bursting and the Iranian Empire has eyes set on Europe, this is Collapse by Richard Stephenson. It is an apocalyptic fiction novel which is just a little too non-fiction for comfort. You watch the world crumble through […]

    Every so often a book comes along that sucks you in so much that it becomes a part of your life. You start putting reading that book ahead of other, normal things- like sleeping. You start to see the characters in your everyday life and wonder what they would do in your place. […]

    In this children’s book Alan S. Blood tells the story of two young children in the time of war. They are taken from their home to live with an aunt in the country. From there they experience the excitement of farm life and some mysterious encounters. I have to say, this book has […]

    Over the weekend I had the pleasure of reading Rockin’ Across The Galaxy: A Gsefx and Henry Novella by David Allen Kimmel. This sci-fi novel had me hooked from page 1. We meet Gsefx in the first chapter and despite being alien his character is all-too familiar. I related to him instantly, as […]

Prossia- Book Review

February 17, 2013 | 2 Comments

    Yesterday I had a guest post from Raphyel M Jordan, author of Prossia. Today I wanted to let you know just what I thought of this new sci-fi novel. Firstly, let me say the story itself was fantastic and I connected with the main characters almost instantly. The concepts and setting were so […]

“Never judge a book by its cover” says the old adage. But any book lover will know that the cover can be the difference between buying the book or putting it back on the shelves. As a reader I was trying to decide what makes a great cover, what makes me reach out for the book […]