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The Nova Chronicles

August 30, 2015 | 2 Comments

Nova ChroniclesIt’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but that’s because things have been BUSY. I’ve been trying to focus more on my fiction writing, rather than blog posts (I know we all miss ‘When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact’). But the good news is that I now have many (9 to be exact) novels out now for you to enjoy.

In fact, book 6 (Junkie) of the Nova chronicles came out just a week ago! You can get the first five books in a box-set for just $5.99, but that low price won’t last so Buy Now.

So here is a breakdown of the Nova Chronicles:

When everyone runs, who will stand?

Nova is a new recruit to the Jagged Maw: an elite bounty hunter guild.

During a routine collection, she finds herself dragged into the middle of an alien uprising.

The Ancients, merciless beings set on reclaiming the universe, have only one person left to stop them: Nova.

She must battle the Ancients, time, and her sanity, in order to stop the annihilation of the human race.

Fear the hero who has nothing left to lose.

Buy Survivor Now.

After her encounter with the Ancient s, Nova is more determined than ever to break free of the Confederacy.

When she arrives on a planet that’s been silent for over one hundred and fifty years, she discovers that the planet is far from abandoned.

In order to survive, Nova and her companions must fight.

When a historical enemy emerges, there will be more than their lives at stake.

Buy Pilgrim Now.

Ever wanted to hunt a vampire?

They’re nothing compared to the lecheons Nova faces in this gripping action adventure.

The blood-sucking lecheons are running rampant on Boullion Five and the police have been over-run.

Nova is the only one who will take the job, but with deadly cunning, super reflexes, and a thirst for blood, the lecheons could prove too much, even for her.

It will take her killer instinct to survive, and even that may not be enough.

Buy Hunter Now.

When Aart goes missing Nova is forced to travel back to her hated home planet of Tabryn.

Her latest job to solve a casino heist takes her deep into the fetid underbelly of the corrupt planet, and faces from her past start to resurface.

It will take all of her strength to stay afloat as the past tries to pull her back to where it all began.

Discover the planet that made the bounty hunter in Book Four: Gambler.

Buy Gambler Now.

After the Ancients and the lecheons, Nova is looking for something simple, but life is never that easy.

Murder, man-eating plants, and rumours of cannibalism from the Inner Galaxies all await Nova in Book 5: Justice.

Buy Justice Now.


Nova’s Toughest Challenge Yet

Guns blaze and people die in a covert battle for survival when an army attacks The
Jagged Maw.

Nova clings to life, drugged and alone on an outer planet, while the hidden enemy will
stop at nothing. They strike like wolves in the dark, picking off bounty hunters until
everything comes to a head in a chilling confrontation.

Nova’s most gruelling and action-packed adventure yet…

Buy Junkie Now.


“One of my new favorite series! ”
~ R. Reynolds, Amazon Reviewer

“A great series, full of action and adventure…Can’t wait for the next book.”
~ Harry Miller, Amazon Reviewer

Buy the Box-set now for just $5.99 and save over 50%.

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