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There are so many dragon legends across so many cultures that people have always said that they MUST have existed. My response to this is of course they have. Flying reptiles… a.k.a. dinosaurs. It’s completely reasonable to think that ancienct cultures stumbled across dinosaur remains and came up with the idea of dragons. Of course they may not have had the technology we do today but if I was riding past a melting glacier on the back of a mammoth and saw a dinosaur skeleton I’d probably come up with some stories about it too.

Komodo Dragon

Take for instance the latest fossil find: Kryptodrakon progenitor, it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to see dragon legends coming out of that monstrosity.

As well as dinosaurs real life dragons are pretty evident in every day life. Just look at lizards. Ok so they don’t breathe fire but let’s just say that came from artistic licence. The Komodo Dragons at least pack a powerful punch with bites will could see you dead from infection and in a lot of pain from venom, it’s not flames but it’s still killer.

So while we may still dream of having sentient flying dragons as pets I think for now we’ll have to content ourselves with lizards, their very distant relations.


I always used to dream of having a pet dragon which is what sparked me to write The Lost Child Saga, a series of books about a group of people and their dragon companions. If you could have a pet dragon what sort would it be?


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  1.    DargonMan212 on November 29, 2016 9:58 pm      Reply

    Dragons have been my favorite since childhood, I have answered and listened to many different dragon blogs and have done research myself than you for sharing an interest in these wondrful creatures!

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