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Dust coverWhat an epic end to a fantastic series.

Dust is the perfect finish to the story started in Wool and continued in Shift. Hugh Howey has really outdone himself in this final installment. A bunch of questions were answered, loose ends tied and mysteries solved.

I found Dust just as page-turning as the other two and my only disappointment is that it’s over. I do hope that Hugh Howey decides to write more of this story, if only because I enjoyed it so much.

I still have a few questions, about what actually happened to the rest of the world, but I think those questions are meant to be there, it’s part of the mystery and fantastic writing of this series.

If you haven’t read the Wool series yet, then DO IT! There’s been a massive fuss about these books for a reason: They’re really good.

An easy five stars from me and two fingers crossed that there’s another book.

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