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A few weeks ago I reviewed an absolutely awesome book; Lady of Devices. Today I’m super pleased to review the 4-book bundle of the series.

Magnificent Devices continued the fantastic series and I zoomed through it. There’s more books after this set and I will definitely be getting them.

Magnificent Devices

The premise is that the main character is thrust from her corset-wearing, ball-going, prospect-presenting life and onto the streets where she must rely on her intellect to survive. The books follow her adventures as she puts her brain to use and destroys the gender stereotypes of her environment.

I love the steampunk aspect of this book as well as the strong female character. Another thing which set this book apart from many others is that while there was a romance element to it, it didn’t make the book. Instead the book is focused on her adventures and her initiative – a nice change from the usual.

4.5 stars for this one and I’m super keen to read the next one!

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