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So we all know that Bluetooth and wi-fi are great, being able to network computers and phones is fantastic, but personally, I don’t think it’s as good as it could be. That’s where the subject of this week’s When Science Fiction Becomes Reality comes in. The Ninja Sphere. Not only does it have an awesome name, it’s also sleek, sexy and incredibly intelligent.

The Ninja Sphere is basically a device which connects all your other devices whilst also providing an interface to interact with other objects; like lights, fans and pets. I think the video describes it best so please head on over and check it out:

But in summary:

– The device can be gesture controlled

– You can attach signals to pets, keys, phones etc and the device will be able to tell you where they are; no more lost keys!

– The device warns you if you’ve left appliances on, in order to save power (although this only applies if you’ve got the device hooked up to the device’s ‘network’).

– The device is planned to be open source, so it will continue to evolve along with current technology.

Ninja SpherePretty cool if you ask me, and not too far from the wildest sci-fi dreams. Just think, your character is sitting in their futuristic sitting room, being waited on by the robot we met last week. They feel that the air-conditioner is too strong, the lights too dim and their phone is ringing in the other room. Easy! A wave of your hand and the air-conditioner is turned down, the lights turned up and the phone call gets sent through to the Ninja Sphere (feature not currently available, although I’m sure it will be when they realize what a great idea it is!).

Sure, it may not be great for general health, in terms of getting up and moving around but let’s be fair; your hero has spent the whole day defending Earth from alien invasion, I think she deserves a break!

The main character of my new sci-fi series is bound to have this kind of technology. She deserves it for spending her time kicking alien butt! You can learn more about her here.

What features would you want to see in this kind of technology? How would you use it? What implications does it have for your upcoming fiction work?

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