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Last week I reviewed another of C.J. Anderson’s book’s; Dawn of Djesus Undead. Anderson is kindly giving away three of his books at the moment, and I took full advantage of the offer.

KlarityKlarity is a science fiction novella based around the development of a new drug which cures Alzheimer’s and autism as well as religious belief. The drug also increases the intelligence of the person taking it. Let’s ignore the scientific improbability of such a magic pill, because the premise is pretty cool.

It’s a good paced book, well formatted and the editing is ok. There are some very obvious overtones so if you are sensitive about your religion I would suggest you not pick this one up.

This book has an obvious agenda but the story itself is also entertaining. Despite it being short I felt that I got to know the characters and their motives and I was involved with the story.

Overall a good quick read, perfect if you’re about to do some travelling and it won’t cost you a cent.

Three stars from me; mostly because I feel that the bigger implications of such a drug could have been explored, taking it out to a full length novel. Also with some re-writing I think the agenda could have been achieved with a bit more finesse.

Thanks C.J. Anderson for a good read.


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