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Dawn of Djesus Undead is the story of God gone mad. A rabid killer Jesus is on the lose sending natural disasters and plagues to Earth. Even the angels are not safe as the bounds of God’s fury know no bounds.

Overall the concept of this book is fantastic; a God with human imperfections is unleashed on the world.

However, I feel that the novel could do with some more polishing. For a fairly short book there were quite a few errors which jarred my reading a little. But, let’s be fair C.J. Anderson is kindly giving this book away for free so I can easily forgive a few typos.

Dawn of Djesus UndeadThe one thing I couldn’t forgive, which significantly brought down my rating of this book (otherwise it could well have been 4 stars) was the character inconsistencies. So a lot of the book is told in the third person with no specific characters, that’s fine. But the rest of it is told from the perspective of one man who used to be in special ops.

On the face of it, an ex-special ops is a great character to choose. However, I found that the man and his partner’s personalities just didn’t make sense. They’re both deeply religious (enough to delay sex until marriage), that is until the ‘apocalypse’ comes, at which point all inhibitions are thrown out of the window. I don’t want to spoil all the saucy details but within the time frame of about 24 hours the main character goes from not wanting to have sex before marriage, to doing a succubus.

There were several other character inconsistencies throughout the book which I found really detracted from my reading experience. It’s a great idea, great concept and I think if it underwent a bit more polishing, with some input from readers it could be a great book.

So, having said all that at this stage Dawn of Djesus Undead gets 2.5 stars, so not bad but not good- just average. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t really care about characters than I encourage you to pick up this book, I think you’ll really enjoy it and at the moment it won’t cost you a cent.


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