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Today in When Science Fiction Becomes Reality I have a fun list to share; major science fiction technologies which have since been created. That is, how our world now is the ‘science fiction’ setting of past decades.

Star Trek1.    Jules Verne predicted the moon landing in incredible detail (including the weightlessness of the astronauts) 100 years before the Apollo mission.

2.   Again Jules Verne conceived the submarine. In fact, it’s often thought that it was his imaginative idea that sparked research into the possibility of deep sea exploration in the first place!

3.   Mark Twain, in a little-known story; From the ‘London Times’ of 1904,  predicted the internet. That’s right, he dreamed up the ‘telectroscope’ which used the phone system to allow information sharing in 1898!!.

4.   H.G. Wells predicted the Atomic Bomb in 1914. He even predicted the danger of radioactive fallout.

5.   Hugo Gernsback predicted radar (and roughly how it would work) about 20 years before it was invented.

6.   In 1968 Arthur C. Clarke and his 2001: A Space Odyssey described the iPad (in his case called the ‘newspad’).

7.   Who knows who first came up with the idea for a flying car but the hover-car has certainly been a staple in many science fiction stories. Now we have them in a variety of forms.

8.   The Star Trek communicator devices are eerily similar to modern day flip-phones.

9.   In 1920 Karel Apek’s play Rossum’s Universal Robots introduced robots for the first time and the name has stuck.

10.   In 1888 Edward Bellamy predicted the elimination of money due to plastic cards loaded with credit. That’s right, 100 years before the first credit card Bellamy’s novel Looking Backward predicted their existence.


Isn’t it incredible how far we’ve come? What science fiction items will become science facts in the near future? What predictions do you have for new technology? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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  1.    R Flowers on September 19, 2013 5:01 pm      Reply

    1988? I’m pretty sure credit cards were around in 1988.

    •    saffron on September 19, 2013 10:25 pm      Reply

      Sorry! Typo 🙂 – 1888. Thanks for picking it up!

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