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Last week I had the pleasure of reading The Eden Project, a science fiction novel which I found quite enjoyable.

The Eden ProjectThe premise is that something has happened to Earth, sending the human race hurtling towards extinction. In an effort to prevent this a group of forward thinking scientists have set up ‘the dome’. Inside 117 children are born and raised completely separate from the rest of human kind.

This first book in the series is an excellent introduction to this frightening new world and the characters who inhabit it.

The Eden Project manages to combine romance, science fiction and the zombie apocalypse into one satisfying read.

As always there are aspects that could have been improved; the characters occasionally said or did things which I felt was quite at odds with their normal selves. These character inconsistencies were a bit jarring but not bad enough to make me put down the book.

Night Without EndThe Eden Project is focused more on the characters and their relationships rather than the threat to humanity or the actual ‘science fiction’ aspects. So don’t expect to find an alien sucking off someone’s face on the first page.

Spelling, formatting and grammar were all pretty spot on and I didn’t notice any major errors which brought down the book.

So, 4 stars for The Eden Project, a good, light, science fiction novel and highly recommended.

If you enjoy science fiction check out my work in progress novel here.

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