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This week in When Science Fiction Becomes Reality there are two great discoveries I want to share.

Memory Removal– Scientists have been able to remove selected memories from mice and rats.

So the possibility of ‘brain wipes’ isn’t that far off at all. (Although of course this study was done for the medical benefits to addicts and PTSD sufferers).

Medically – In medical terms the ability to ‘delete’ certain memories while leaving others unaffected could mean significant improvements to the quality of life of many people. Those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or recovering addicts, both of whom may have memories which are best forgotten could benefit from such treatment.

Other Applications- Aside from the medical implications the ability to ‘delete’ or ‘edit’ someone’s memories could have many other consequences. Reconditioning a population, for example, to change their beliefs, or editing a witness’s memory so that they can’t recall the event. What if someone wanted to forget their life completely? Could you offer it as a kind of ‘cosmetic intervention’?


10 Black holes found– ‘NuStar’ a new black-hole hunter craft has discovered 10 supermassive black holes.

These particular black holes were unidentified previously on lower powered equipment but with NuStar they stand out. With the technology to now easily identify these monstrosities- what else might we learn about the several decade long mystery of black holes?

Are they vortexes to another dimension?

Are they a means of time travel?

Are they just a centre of extreme gravity where your body would simply collapse in on itself?

Personally I’m looking forward to finding out what these enigmas really are. And, with technology advancing as quickly as it is hopefully we won’t have to wait too long!


Reading up on real science is a great way to improve your science fiction writing. How can you predict what might be possible in 100 or 1000 years if you don’t know what’s possible now?

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