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Today in When Science Fiction Becomes Reality I’m not going to break down just one incredible story for you; today I’m giving you a whole list!


Researcher’s grow teeth from urine – Not many sci-fi applications, but still pretty cool!


Mars is phosphate rich – Mars has more of the essential building block of life; phosphate, than Earth does! Imagine what other planets further out hold?

The Atlantis Gene

Freeze dried sperm are the way of the future – So we run a few species into extinction… no problem! We’ll just breakout the freeze-dried sperm! … Not to mention populating far away planets with new animal life.




Another sun, just like ours – Could this star host planets capable of producing life?


Tiny brain-like organ grown in a lab – A little scary, sure, but think of the medical research applications! This advancement could give invaluable insight into neurological conditions.


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