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So I’m currently drafting a murder mystery as the second installment of my up and coming sci-fi series (read a snippet of book 1 here) and thought I’d better do some reading in the genre. Where better to start than with Agatha Christie herself? So after trawling through blogs and reviews I settled on The Body in the Library and got stuck straight in.Body in the Library

As you’d expect, the writing style isn’t what you’d find in a contemporary novel, the dialogue etc. just isn’t what you’d find in a modern book but that didn’t detract from the story at all. I had expected the whole book to be written from the sleuth’s point of view (Miss Marple), but actually very little of it was seen through her eyes. Instead we are fed small clues through the eyes of a variety of other characters.

I read this book as more of a study guide than for entertainment so I was taking notes on everything that was said, every clue, every connection and I managed to get it down to two possible scenarios (one of which was right) a little before Miss Marple came to the same conclusion.

But enough about me. The book itself is well written (like you’d expect anything less) and the mystery was perfect. The book didn’t rely on gore to carry you along. It was just a very interesting read that lead you through the clues, and I was eager to follow. The clues were well placed and definitely had me thinking.

So, not that Agatha Christie needs a review from little me, I’m giving it anyway. 4.5 stars for The Body in the Library, it was a good read, good style, good mystery. The only thing I’d ask more of is of the sleuth herself! I wanted to get inside Miss Marple’s head but the reader is actually kept at quite a distance.

So if you feel like a light Sunday murder mystery, The Body in the Library should be just right!

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