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Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Today The Herald of Darkness was officially released for your enjoyment. So, don’t waste another second, head over to Amazon and grab your copy now!

Herald of Darkness

I am the one who walks the night,

I am the heart that sees no light,

I am the crow upon the carcass,

I am the bringer, the herald of darkness.

Like the calm before the storm the Draconum are thrust from their peaceful oasis into a vicious war. Refugees flood the shores in a desperate attempt to escape the coming darkness and the death it carries.

Allies become enemies and trust becomes a thing of the past. Laila and Sarin must wrestle to maintain control as racial tension and disputes threaten to tear apart their command.

The dragons struggle in a strange new land and no place is safe as they very shadows reach for their throats. What is it about their past that comes back to haunt them?

Astrocytes tries to contain an army which is bent on its own destruction. But how can you find the light in a world consumed by darkness??

The clouds are gathering and no-one can outrun them…

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