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Not that long ago the only computers around were large, bulky and altogether unwieldy. Since then technology has gotten smaller, smarter and more user-friendly.

Today in When Science Fiction Becomes Reality, we’re looking at the latest in computer advancements; the e-skin. This feather-light technology is thinner than a piece of hair and weighs just 3 grams per meter. Despite its miniscule nature this tiny technological wonder contains pressure, temperature and optical sensors.



The medical implications of this technology are obvious; no more difficult cables or patches, not more thermometers. Just stick a patch of e-skin on and it can keep track of all your vitals. With today’s wireless technology it would be easy for these values to be transmitted to a visible screen, or for some kind of alarm to sound if values fell outside of the normal range.


Science Fiction

Even in its current form the e-skin is pretty out of this world but what could it lead to?

As a piece of spy equipment this kind of device would be invaluable. You could stick it onto a wall where it would be all but invisible and from there it could record sound, images, anything.

Everyone could wear one and it would warn of impending medical emergencies, such as seizures or heart attacks, giving people valuable seconds to get the help they need.

Aside from these applications, just think of the benefits of having such a powerful computer contained to the size of a segment of cling-wrap!


What other applications can you think of for the e-skin? How would you use it? Do you have any other cool science news? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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