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All fantasy and sci-fi fans have dreamt of being invisible. I know when I was young and asked what super power I want, it had to be invisibility. Well, in this week’s When Science Fiction Becomes Reality I’m discussing the many ways in which invisibility has become a reality.

There are now so many avenues being explored for invisibility that there’s almost too much choice!

Firstly there is the camera/screen option, whereby cameras on one side of the object record and project the received images onto the other side. As in the following image:


Or, there are mirrors and tricks of the light (which magicians have been using for years), as shown in this image:


Then there is the new field of metamaterials which also cause light to bend around objects:

Invisible Suit

And don’t forget this clever set of prisms which is taking the world by storm as it makes first a fish and then a cat disappear (personally I think they could have done a better job at showing off the ability of this technology, but it’s still pretty cool)

Invisible Fish

So where do all these inventions leave us? With a world of possibility! With all of these inventions being explored it’s only really a matter of time until the fully-functioning invisibility cloak comes along. Sure it may be a bit rough now, but look how far we’ve come in just a decade? Imagine what 100 years will bring?!

So where does that leave science fiction? In my opinion the rapid advancement of this field means it’s hard to imagine a future without invisibility…

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