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With just one simple step I improved my painting ability over 10 times, and the best thing about it is anyone can do it!

What is this magical thing I speak of? YouTube of course!

YouTube took me from very amateur paintings, to this:Oil Painting

In-fact, I have now sold several paintings thanks to the lessons I learned watching YouTube.

There are now so many videos being loaded to YouTube every second that you could learn just about anything you wanted. As well as music videos and makeup tutorials there are now hundreds of videos dedicated to helping you improve your painting/drawing/design/sketching skills. I have learned so much just by watching a few of the videos and I’m sure you will too.

One of my personal favourites is Wilson Bickford who posts guides and lessons on landscape painting. I have taken on a lot of what he has to say (and you’re bound to recognise his work in my paintings).

Here is one example of his great lessons which are available right now, free of charge.

Once I’m more confident I plan to post tutorial videos of my own so that I can also help others learn.

What great tips do you have for artists? What have you learned from YouTube?

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