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Looking over my shoulder I can’t help but wonder if I’d notice if someone was watching me. Would I take note of the car parked across the street, or the man sitting in the diner? Probably not.

These are the thoughts that have been going through my head since I finished reading Murder Takes Time by Giacomo Giammatteo. It is a fantastic book which pulls you through the pages with intrigue, revenge and mystery. Murder Takes Time is a murder mystery which flicks back and forth between the modern day murders and the past trials which have led to current events. You get to know the lives of the characters; from rowdy youths to jaded men.

Murder Takes Time

The book is a bit gory, so if you have a soft stomach it might not be the book for you, but for others who enjoy the darker side, you’ll love it. You’ll be captivated with a mystery which isn’t revealed until near the very end. You’ll empathise with all of the characters, from the struggling detective to the troubled mob boss.

There’s not much I can criticize this book for, it’s a great read and well worth your time. I’m not too squeamish so the gory details didn’t bother me but I do feel the book would have been just as good with less horror elements. Therefore my only suggestion is that if it did have less gore it might be more accessible to a wider audience, but hey, if gore’s your thing- dive right in!

So 4.5 stars for this one- go grab yourself a copy and be immersed in murder and mystery.

Have you read Murder Takes Time? What did you think? Have you read any other good murder mysteries? Tell us about it below!

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