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So today I have a question for all of you lovely readers- how does ‘classic’ Doctor Who compare to ‘new’ Doctor Who?

I’ll admit I only jumped on the Whovian band wagon for the new Who, when Christopher Eccleston took on the role. But I fell in love with it! Who wouldn’t love an alien flying around in a blue box saving planets? Doctor Who

I must admit, I’m a bit age-ist when it comes to film and TV, if it’s too old I probably won’t watch it- for two main reasons:

A) The picture/sound quality (I know, I know- terrible of me)

B) The blatant sexism that seems to abound in every movie ever written before 1990 (please tell me I’m not alone here, does anyone else get tired of the woman standing there screaming and doing absolutely nothing to protect herself, so the man has to rush in to save her?- this is a pet peeve of mine and seems to appear in such a large percentage of older TV shows and movies that I just gave up watching them)

So, the big question is: How does the old Dr. Who compare to the new? Should I dig into my pockets and pull out the cash to buy the old seasons? Or just be content at joining the story at Dr. 9?

Please let me know your thoughts, it’s a decision I’ve been tossing up since I watched the first season of the ‘new’ Who. Tell me all about it below.

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