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Today I’m pleased to announce a very special guest who has agreed to be interviewed as our newest author. Jodie Pierce lives in Ohio and is lucky enough to be a full-time author. Jodie has taken the vampire world by storm with her widely acclaimed novels and I was lucky enough to ask her a few questions about herself and her work:


So Jodie, which genre do you prefer to write in and what have you written?

Paranormal romance and Erotica. I’ve written:

The Vampire Queen

The Vampire Chronicles

Demise of the Vampire Queen

Condemned By A Vampire

Midnight Thirsts 2 (various author anthology)

The Reluctant Vampire

Once Sanguist, Twice Bi

Tales of the Vampire: From A-Z


Who are these books aimed at?

The Reluctant Vampire can be considered YA but the rest are adult books.


Do you also prefer to read this genre and do you read often?

Yes! I do book reviews for Bitten By Books so I read a lot!


What is your favourite book? Why?

Blackwood Farms, The Blood Canticle and The Vampire Lestat all by Anne Rice. She just has a way when writing to draw the reader in. It’s amazing!


How do you write? E.g. pen/computer, do you plan everything out first or just write on the fly?

I just write as things come to me. Often times I dream scenes in my stories. Sometimes my hubby gives me a general idea for the plot and I run with it. I do not plan things out. I find that the book becomes boring to read and boring for me to write it. I just write on the fly.


How do you create your characters?

I pick names from a baby book/website with meanings that describe a characteristic of my person. I just make them up as I go along and need other people for the scenes.

Demise of the Vampire Queen


Who is your favourite character (that you created)? Describe them….

My Vampire Queen, Paulina de Lourdes is my favourite as she was my first and I wrote three books about her. She is strong willed, maybe even a spoiled brat but she loves deeply, likes to rule others with an iron fist and likes to be worshipped.


How do you market your books?

I have various websites that I meet people on. I often exchange blog posts with them so I can reach their audience and vice versa. I also have my books on Amazon, Smashwords and B&N.


Are you happy with how well they sell?

No. I don’t think unless you are a Best-Selling Author that you are ever happy and could always want more books to sell.


Are you happy with how they’ve been received?

Yes. All of the people that have spoken with me after reading them have really liked them so I guess I’m doing something right…LOL!


Are you self-published?

I’m both traditionally and self-published. I spent many years trying to get traditionally published and when I finally did, though it was a medium sized publisher, it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be and I could have made more money being self-published so I started going that route.


What has been the hardest part about writing?

Finding the time and overcoming writers block.


Where do you see the future of your writing going?

I plan to write for a long time. Vampires are hot right now but I believe they will always have their fans even when the Twilight movies are long gone.


If you could say anything to your readers, what would it be?

I hope you enjoy my books!


I’d like to thank Jodie very much for stopping by to talk to me. If you would like to know more about Jodie or her books check her out:


Have you read any good vampire books lately? Have you read any of Jodie Pierce’s? Why not tell us what you think in the comments section below!



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